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They deleted my post and the mods don't even answer my ticket 💀💀💀 I hope and if they have banned it, what a lazy user

13 months ago

Hi! We had to remove your post because it included their email address. The user got banned. Sorry for the lack in replies.


Sorry but, why from another platform? and why delete my bet and remove the ych?

22 months ago

Hi! I saw this in my feed and looked into the account. They currently seem very suspicious and we suspended them until we can make sure they are real. Please be careful proceeding with anything.


10$ in reddit

23 months ago

Hi! Please make sure to link off site bids in your auction description to stay within site rules :)


New auction: Walk in the park

2 years ago

Would you be able to accept an anthro pony?


New auction: adoptable

2 years ago

Please make sure to include a link to external auctions like stated in the rules. Otherwise you risk being suspended for bid inflation. Found the DA link, so including it here:


I am unable to bid above, if possible could I bid down here for 15 and the extra 15 for the alternate version.

2 years ago

Hi! Staff here. Your username unfortunately was on the global spam list. I removed you now, that means you are able to bid on auctions again. Please directly contact support the next time you are facing issues with the site :) We are reachable through Discord, Telegram and Email.


So what do we get if we win this?

I will transfer ownership of this token to the open sea


This is an adoptable.

2 years ago

Thank you. Please make sure to post adoptables in the adoptables category in the future. I change the category for this auction. :)


New auction: Scene Corgi Auction

2 years ago

Is this a YCH or an adopt?


can I has plz?