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New auction: Vtube-model YCH

2 months ago

Are you able to do bunnies as well?


New auction: ­čîŐCommission Slot Auction­čîŐ

2 months ago

Maybe a weird question. But do you do macro mixed with fat/obese content?


New sale: Ych 3D character! :D

2 months ago

Does there come any aditional costs for it to be vr chat compatible? With the added bone structure and all (I don't know the real name for it..but still!)


New auction: hamtaro style-YCH

5 months ago

Jelly. Have you gotten my message in the private message? My Private chat is acting very weird.


Didn't see your message before X) Yep, sure, with all the materials (arts, GIF, YT video) I can easily send you an .obj file which you can open in ZBrush.

7 months ago

Ah thank you! I didn't read tharthe obj file was present >x< thank you for answering though


New auction: 3D GIF + 3D ARTS

7 months ago

Is it possible to get the file of the creation itself? like from the program you use?


New auction: YCH animation

11 months ago

Thsi may sound like an odd question, but does this gif alos work for uhh larger body typed females. my friends character is rather ample in terms of breast size >x>;;;


New auction: a man with a machine gun

14 months ago

Would a shotgun or a rather a double barrel work as well?


New auction: Chibi commission

15 months ago

Is it possible to change the cat? into the one i have in real life


New auction: Custom plush loaf for you~

17 months ago

As the price is per lot. does that mean that it's also possible to order 2 different plushies for double the bidders price?