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New auction:

31 hours ago

Hey there! Moderator Varinis! Just a reminder that reminder auction posts are not allowed on as if someone bids on the auction you are then obligated by the site rules to honor the winning bid. I've gone ahead and canceled this auction.


New sale: -Archangel- Adopt Auction Open

2 days ago

Hi! Moderator Varinis here! Starting bid must be the same as your minimum you are willing to accept for the auction. Please restart the auction if you want more than the $52.25 you put in the auction minimum bid.


New auction: Free Slot

13 days ago

Hi! I wanted to ask a question. By 'free slot' do you mean you have an open commission slot for this YCH? If so you may want to name such auctions "Open Slot" instead.

3 weeks ago

New auction: Test2: Testing Boogaloo

3 weeks ago

New auction: Test


New auction: Modeus Icon-Perfil

4 weeks ago

Hello! I'm Moderator Varinis and I'm canceling this auction because you can't sell pre-made fanart through auctions here. Please review the rules and feel free to ask questions in the Discord or Telegram chats.


New auction: girl sucks

4 weeks ago

Hey! I'm Moderator Varinis. I'm sorry to inform you that use of stock images isn't allowed like this so I've canceled the auction. You must be able to provide proof of licensing if you're going to use a photo like this in your art that you sell here. please keep that in mind for future auctions you host through our site. have a nice day and a happy new year!


New auction: Free Adoptable

4 weeks ago

Hello! This is moderator varinis. Auction has been canceled because it is against the site rules to have "free auctions". Please review the rules.


New auction: Lioness in Suit

5 weeks ago

Don't forget to post links for the cross post in your description!


New auction: Crystal (5 artworks +)

5 weeks ago

Hey! Moderator Varinis here! You're going to have to have to restart this auction with the correct starting bid. Please consult the rules for starting bids here: If you have any questions you can contact moderators directly through Telegram or Discord Telegram: Discord: