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New auction: Your 3d character

3 weeks ago

What do I get if I bid $5

2 months ago

Uploaded new art


50$ by oh_my_swirls@ FA

2 months ago

Do you mean DA?


New auction: killer maid boy

2 months ago

Why are you bidding on your own auction?


New auction: "Hold" Ych

2 months ago

Please note that using cashapp restricts you to the region you live in and use the app for. for instance if you live in the UK you will not be able to send or recieve money from a US account. and cashapp is only available in those two places.

3 months ago

New auction: Testing to see if testing things tests out.

3 months ago

New auction: Summer Sips!

3 months ago

New sale: Summer Sips~

3 months ago

New auction: Summer Sips~


it would be 10usd for the commission slot

3 months ago

So you haven't read the website rules at all have you?