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Who follows YCH and who is more comfortable here, I didn’t know about the rule that “you can’t bid on your own behalf” lol although I attach an always open link where the auction takes place YCH is the most convenient platform for acceptance and timing, so if you want to participate here please look in the comments for the next auctions and track bids There I will write the current My auctions are only on FA and YCH ^^

11 months ago

You are ok bidding on your own auctions if you have received a bid on FA, just make sure you have the FA auction linked. Think that message is for people who are adding fake bids to their auctions


New auction: Adopt Fox

3 years ago

Hi, I just saw this adopt on the site, but when I was about to bid, it suddenly ended even though there was a few hours remaining on the auction. Is she still available or has she been sold?


@Codesign Hello! , you won the auction, I am new using this site, where can I send you a message?

3 years ago

When the auction finishes (or when you end it), the site will automatically generate a direct message through the CRM system with you and the winner