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Uploaded new art

16 months ago

Lovely! <3



18 months ago

Please post your raffles to https://raffles.commishes.com

18 months ago

New raffle: Free promoted auction


I dont know how else to say this but.. Why does this character look like a exact match to one i have for sale on th?

23 months ago

Hey Munster, administration here. Sorry for stepping into this so late. We were contacted by the artist because they were overwhelmed by this thread. Can you just email the link to your design and this to our moderators? We'll be glad to take a look. :)

24 months ago

You should be able to pick the payment up now. If there's any issues, please let me know.


If someone said thanks after I sent the art, but didn't approve the payment, should I send you a link to it or?

24 months ago

Yes, just send me a link to the thread, I'll be glad to help you!


At least link it as reference =\ https://www.deviantart.com/hioshiru-alter/art/Inky-Vampire-685705579

2 years ago

Suspended the account for 2 weeks for having traced artwork. Sorry about that!


Thank you so much! I just a little bit confused and do not understand for what you've paid... If something goes wrong I will draw you extra sketch for this money

2 years ago

Oh no!! Don't worry! That means that people used our platform to "tip" you for uploading art to portfolio. The system just uses my account to notify you because I'm the admin

2 years ago

Software upgrade completed! Sadly it went a bit crazy. I'm working on it to fix all the bugs.