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New auction: 🫐

5 weeks ago

Alert from administration: per site rules, private bids are prohibited http://wiki.commishes.com/en/rules Anyone wishing to bid “privately” may do so with an email address and pseudonym.


3$ FROM Саша Лаптев FROM VK !!!OF COURSE I can give all the links to prove that auction in VK is real!!!

2 months ago

Put the links in the description, please. Don't make us ask for them.


New sale: Banner eyes

2 months ago

What is the actual price of the YCH?


New sale: Scene Lioness

3 months ago

Administration asks that you preemptively place the links to the other auctions in the description, please!


I'm beginning to believe that you and those who bid you are bots, it's amazing how you upload and upload jobs and they give you money (I wish it was you)

3 months ago

Administration has taken notice. They are a legitimate seller and active artist group beyond Commishes. The bids are real and not bots. If you have any feedback, you may leave it with the support groups.


New auction: New ych

3 months ago

It’s good to have your main account back, right? I meant to ask: does a $10 bid get a sketch version of this YCH?


New sale: YCH hentai

4 months ago

Please use a different image for your commissions auction, as it looks like you are trying to sell the same YCH twice at the same time, which site rules do not allow.


New auction: Furry comision EM

4 months ago

Does a $10 bid get a sketch only?


A scammer's account that sells characters and art by other authors. I am the author of this art. These are not characters for sale.

4 months ago

We have already locked their account.


New auction: NSFW pony adopt(Moonlight)

5 months ago

Be advised that the price is set in USD. If you meant to price it as RUB, you should convert your RUB price to USD and restart the auction.