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New auction: Robin the Rat for sale!

8 hours ago

All adopts belong in the Adoptables category. You may restart this auction over there at any time.


New auction: let's discover a new way of drinking......

8 hours ago

“Base adopts” are still YCHs and thus this belongs in Pony, not Adoptables. You may restart the auction there anytime.


New auction:

31 hours ago

“Reminder” auctions are not allowed. Do not do this again or your account may be penalized for spam auctions.


New auction: Keylime Mecha Catgirl

2 days ago

All Adoptables belong in the adopts category. You may restart this auction over there immediately.


New auction: AH!?coffee~

2 days ago

This doesn’t belong in Pony. You can restart this immediately in Human.


New auction: UNICORN ADOPT

2 days ago

Site rules require that you link back to the original base when using bases. https://www.deviantart.com/blkvkt/art/F2U-Unicorn-Base-817709346 Please do this for every auction you post, else there may be penalties for missed attribution.


New auction: YCH- Showing Off

4 days ago

Administration has been alerted to this auction. If you mean to accept $5 bids instead of the $15, you will be fine, but if you will not accept bids lower than $15, you must cancel the auction or else you will obligate yourself to the $5 bid.


New auction: Shark adoptable

6 days ago

Administration sees your bids are coming from DeviantArt, but please include a direct link to the auction and not just your profile so all bids may be easily verified.


New auction: The auction for the hypnotic fox is OPEN

6 days ago

This belongs in the Adoptables category. You may immediately restart this auction over there.


New auction: diaper

10 days ago

All diaper fetish content belongs in the Shock category per the Content Rating guidelines http://wiki.commishes.com/en/rules#h-21-the-content-rating-system Any further misclassifications will result in automatic rate changes by administration and penalties assessed to the account.