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New auction: ✨ Mega Sableye + Marshadow Adoptable ✨

New auction: ✨ Mewtwo Y + Reuniclus Adoptable✨

New auction: Deoxys defense form (adoptable)


I'm wondering about that, all three accounts were made in April Just a little SuS xD

5 weeks ago

All 3 accounts are owned by separate people.

New auction: Busty Clown Lady


Currently the share feature isn’t working so well for me so- If you have any big buff men you’d like drawn here’s a YCH you might be interested in from my dear love~ 🖤

2 months ago

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New auction: Strong Man YCH

New auction: Happy Goblin Girly

New auction: Zorovoir (Zoroark + Gardevoir fusion) adoptable

New auction: Mafia boss Shadow Lugia (adoptable)